I have always loved building things. I grew up helping my dad around the house, then with church volunteer projects, and now I flip furniture in my spare time. In high school I started thinking it would be really fun to buy a vintage Airstream trailer, gut it, renovate it and live in it and for my college graduation, my parents and close friends helped this dream of mine come true.

With a project of this caliber, people often have no idea where to start. Living in Arizona however, the direction is clear: fix the air conditioner before anything else. I found a deal on a 15000 btu air conditioner at auction and of course, it sat in my courtyard for months.

The weekend to replace the air conditioner finally came and Friday afternoon my dad climbed up on top of the trailer to see what it would take to remove the existing, broken AC unit. What a surprise to find six chicken eggs sitting inside the broken unit’s shell!

These were not my chicken’s eggs. They were caked in dust; the yolks were solid, and I do not have chickens that lay white eggs. The people I bought the trailer from in Chandler, AZ did not have chickens, so logically I assume these eggs have been atop the trailer for years, possibly even belonging to the original owner.

Now, this was not the first weird thing I had found in Roxy. Along with some flares nestled inside a vintage pantyhose container, I found a small plastic dove, a pocketknife, some old pictures and a full rat skeleton. It was a remarkable demolition to say the least.

I can only speculate about how the eggs appeared on the roof of my trailer, but I do know chickens have been known to have unique egg stashes. It is very possible a rat could have dragged the eggs up there, but I choose to believe some crafty chicken thought she was outsmarting her keeper for a week (at least).  This has made me think; I am not sure why the Easter Bunny is a bunny. Chickens are much better at hiding eggs. 


Comment your strangest found egg stash!