At Chickens.org, we think everyone should have easy access to the information they need to feed their families. Chickens.org provides open-source, ad-free and fun chicken info, to improve food security in the US and around the world – home by home, community by community.

We are connecting communities among different cultures and countries, through our common need for healthy food and environmentally-friendly and humane practices. Please help us establish community vegetable gardens and chicken coops to share the joy & practice of successful gardening and chicken-raising.

Why are we doing this?

1.5 billion people experience malnutrition or food insecurity

1.3 trillion chicken eggs are consumed annually

54% of the world has internet access

#1 source of animal protein worldwide is chicken

1 hen can produce over 500 eggs in her lifetime


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Global poverty can be beaten, one community at a time. We hope you will use these guides to raise chickens or grow a garden yourself, or help a family or community in need. We welcome you to join our global network of change-makers! Chickens.org also hosts fun, family-friendly content and educational activities, to keep us engaged with our families and friends.

Chickens.org is a program of Capax World, a 501-c-3 charity dedicated to sustainably alleviating malnutrition and poverty.

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“Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral…”

Frank Lloyd Wright left us with this wisdom that beyond the size of any project, its the quality and the charachter of it’s purpose that can turn a coop into a castle. Contact us if you have any questions about joining the movement.