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Life, Love, & Chickens

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Free Printable Chicken Themed Valentines Cards

Free Printable Chicken Themed Valentines CardsDo you love making your own valentines like we do?  We are here to make sharing your love of chickens easy! Click the button below to open a PDF of our cute Val-hen-tines cards and print them out.  Cut them out then add...

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Keeping Roosters

Keeping Roosters

Roosters, or rather one rooster, can be a great addition to a backyard flock…if you are allowed to have them. Many cities do not allow roosters because of their noise (a rooster’s crow is 100dB from 1 meter away).

If you are allowed to keep a rooster, there are many benefits for your flock…

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Easy Homemade Pumpkin Purée Recipe

Easy Homemade Pumpkin Purée Recipe

Learn how to make an easy pumpkin purée to use the insides of a pumpkin when you carve it, or have a pumpkin just for baking. The purée is a treat your chickens will love, or the base of many delicious fall dishes and deserts.

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