Whether you are new to gardening or are just like me and constantly forget which leaves are parsley versus which are cilantro, adding garden labels to your plants helps to not only beautify a garden, but also helps you remember what you have planted!

To help get you started, here are 15 easy and cheap DIY garden markers you can add to your own garden!

Pro Tip: These make lovely Christmas gifts as well! Especially if paired with a propagated plant from your garden.

Comment below if you notice a theme!

1. Painted Flatware Markers

You can find flatware for cheap at a thrift store (I bought a bag of 10 butter knives and a few other flatware pieces for around $2). I painted these and sealed them with modge podge to protect them from weathering.

2. Stamped Flatware Markers

Looking for a more understated way to incorporate flatware into your garden? Try stamping them with a metal stamp, highlighting with a black paint pen (make sure to wipe off extra paint with a cotton ball of isopropyl!) and sealing with modge podge! I first flattened my spoons with a hammer.

3. Hanging Can Lid Markers

Assuming you have sand paper, paint and a some wire, this option is completely free! Punch a hole, sand down the edges, add some paint and seal with modge podge (see a theme?) and you have a stylish garden marker you can hang on a wire, attach to a stick or hang on some chicken wire (like we did).

4. Wooden Spoon Markers

Talk about another cute, cheap option! I found an entire bag of wooden spoons at Goodwill for $2-$4. I painted them how I liked, then sealed them with modge podge! So easy and they make a great marker for taller plants.

5. Painted Rock Marker

Here is another virtually free option! Find a lovely rock and paint it. Don’t forget to seal it (I use modge podge) to protect the paint. 

You can add care instructions to the underside of the rock too!

6. Clay Stake

Mold a stake out of an oven-bake clay to create this fun garden marker. Write with a toothpick, stamp with a metal stamp, or paint your plant’s identity on after baking to acheive a long-lasting nametag.

Make sure your stake is at least 1/4 inch so it does not snap (mine turned out a little thin). 

7. Clothes Pin markers

I love the look of these DIY clothes pin garden markers. They are easy to paint and the best part is they can be clipped to just about anything! I sealed mine with modge podge after painting. 

8. Beaded String Markers

These probably make better markers for gifts or indoor plants, but how cute is it to hang your plant’s name! Don’t tell, but some of my friends and family will be receiving herbal propagations with these cute signs (possibly with “Merry Christmas” strung across as well). 

If you wanted to adapt this idea to the outdoors, you can string beads onto wire or twine to make it more weatherproof. 

9. Jenga Piece Markers

I always hate to break up a game, but I have so many extra Jenga pieces from games that puppies have chewed up. What better way to reuse these blocks? I drilled a hole partly through the block the same diameter as a wooden skewer, poked the skewer in and used a paint pen to write the name on the front. I also sealed with modge podge. Easy!

10. Broken Flowerpot

I have an adorable dog…with no spatial awareness… which means I also have quite a few broken/chipped flower pots. I was more than happy to donate this one back to my garden. 

I wrapped the pot in an old towel and gave it a good wack with a hammer to breakt it apart a bit more. Then, I cleaned the pieces and painted and sealed them! Drive them even further in the ground than I did in the below photos to hide the bottom of the pot better. 

11. Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are a very familiar crafting medium for many children. Are they looking for a artsy learning activity? Hand them some markers and have them identify plants in your yard! 

I painted mine because I do not have kids, but this marker probably takes about the leaset amount of time to make. 

For the next few markers below…

I found a broken tomato cage in the bulk trash and decided to cut it up for some of these markers. Always be on the look out for ways to reuse your garden supplies!

12. Wine Cork Markers

The great thing about using wine corks is that cork is water resistant! If you drink, this is a great way to reuse your corks. If you don’t drink, ask a friend or resturaunt if you can take their corks and you can make these cute markers for free!

13. Hanging Wood Round Markers

Have some branches laying around? Slice the branch and drill a hole to create some earthy garden labels! You can paint or burn the label into the round. Again, I sealed these with modge podge just to protect them and hung them on a curled tomato cage wire bit.

14. Hanging Clay Markers

These markers are fun because you can literally make them any shape or color! I cut these out with a cookie cutter. I suggest using an oven bake clay so it is stronger, and of course, coating it with modge podge after painting to protect the clay and paint from weathering.

15. Trinket and Letter Bead Marker

I saved my favorite for last.

These little trinket markers are a cross between garden art and simple labels. I love antique trinkets, such as buttons, beads, drawer knobs, earrings, or anything else you can think of! I raided my tin box of treasures and glued these pieces to a bit of the tomato cage I cut up to create something that resembles a hat pin. 

My favorite part about these? I will be giving them to friends with herb propagations for Christmas! You could even make some with small christmas ornaments at the end for a festive flare to your fall/winter gardens!

Do you have another fun marker idea? Which of the above was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Huge thank you to @AbbyDonCreations for help with the artwork on some of these markers (hint, she painted all the cute ones).