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The Coops and Gardens Grant is not being offered at this time, however we are happy to offer free consulataion and resources to schools looking to build their own Coops and Gardens Program.

We are looking to partner with schools for the Coops and Gardens program that meet the following criteria:

  • Location – Preference will be given to schools located in low-income, food-insecure areas.
  • Leadership – Two enthusiastic people from the school must be identified who are willing to serve as program leaders, at least one of whom must be a school faculty member. Program leaders are responsible for the coop and serve as the main points of contact for Having two people lead will help ensure that there is no misuse of funds.
  • Zoning – No zoning restrictions on the school property that would prohibit the establishment of a coop and garden, or sales, if a school wishes to sell eggs or garden produce. Contact us if you are unsure of your zoning or how to find it.
  • SupportStrong parental involvement and support for school programs.


Let us help you create a school program, tailored to your community’s needs, that you call your own!

Currently, our funding quota is full.

If you would like to be added to the waitlist for the Coops and Gardens Grant, please message us below.

If you wish to start a Coops and Gardens Program now…

We are happy to provide free consulatation and resources to help you get started! Email us to chat about fundraising and next steps for your program.

Get in touch with us to learn more!

Please message Molly to the right with a bit of information about your school and why you would like a chicken coop and garden if you believe your school community fits the above criteria and are intersted in learning more!

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