Are you looking to spice up your chicken’s meals?

If you raise backyard chickens, chances are you love to spoil them. We have such a fun time feeding our flock grapes and other treats, but did you know your “spoiling” of your flock can be beneficial to their health?

Adding small amounts of the below herbs is a great way to boost your chickens’ overall health!

We keep these herbs in our chicken coop and just sprinkle a bit on their food in the morning to add taste and color. All these items can be given to your flock fresh or dried.

spice rack
  • Basil- immune support, repels pests and increases health of mucosal membranes.
  • Cayenne pepper- improves blood circulation.
  • Cinnamon- aids in respiratory health.
  • Garlic- boosts immune system, aids in respiratory health and is thought to repel mites, lice, and ticks. Feed in very small quantities or it can make eggs taste like garlic.
  • Ginger- promotes feather growth and increases antioxidants in diet.
  • Oregano- strengthens immune system and wards off internal parasites.
  • Red pepper flakes- can keep other animals away from food (chickens don’t taste spice), darker yolk, said to improve blood circulation but we just think they like it. It has been said to ward off worms.
  • Rosemary- acts as a natural pain reliever and can aid with respiratory health.
  • Sage- wards off internal parasites and acts as an antiseptic/antibiotic.
  • Thyme- antibacterial properties and aids with respiratory health.

We like to keep these spices/herbs in our chicken coop (pictured above) so it is easy to just pinch in their food in the morning or evening. 


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