The lights have been taken down, the Christmas music has stopped playing and all that is left is your tree. What to do with your amazing-smelling Douglas fir which brought you so much joy—glistening in your living room, decorated floor to ceiling in glittering lights and sparkly ornaments reminding you of Christmases past. Now, the pines are starting to shed, and the tree no longer brings you joy but anxiety as you worry about how to dispose of the once lovely, now loathsome centerpiece. 

Instead of waiting for a tree removal service, the Beisels have a solution: create a chicken jungle gym. 

For years, the Beisels have been rehoming their Christmas tree to their backyard chicken coop. They cut tunnels in the tree by cutting a few branches out of the way and let their girls go to town, running through passageways, perching on branches and hiding in the pines. 

The benefits are threefold:

  1. You provide shade and activity for your flock.
  2. Open composting your tree introduces nitrogen to your soil, increasing overall health of your garden, attracting more bugs for your chickens.
  3. No more anxiety over disposing of your tree!