Caring for Chickens in the Spring

If you live in a colder climate, you may be thrilled to see spring roll around. No more trekking through snow to change water and feed your flock! BUT…warmer weather does not mean less responsibility with your flock.

Check out these five easy steps to get your spring chicken keeping off to a good start!

Spring Chicken Keeping Checklist

Deep Clean the Coop

Deep cleaning the coop after winter is a good idea, since likely your chickens spent more time there than outside. This is especially important if you use the deep litter method!

Pull out all perches and make sure to disinfect all surfaces, walls, nest boxes and perches included (we use vinegar or Clorox)! Bugs will find any small space. Check for mites while you are cleaning.

Now is a good time to remove heated water bowls, but make sure to watch for random spring freezes!

Spruce up the coop/ upgrade predator protection

Just like people like to spend more time outside in the spring…so do predators. You may notice more predators around as they prepare for mating season, so make sure your coop is in tip-top shape! Check for loose boards or any other damage that would allow a place where predators may find a way into your run/chicken coop.

Spring is a great time to clean up your coop with a new coat of paint, wash with lime, or reseal windows to prevent unwanted pests making a home inside your coop. Also check the roof for leaks before rain comes!

Spring Health Check

Things to look for in a spring health check include:

Red mites and lice

Do nails need clipping?


Abnormal eggs (once hens start laying again)

Check droppings and egg insides for worms

Remember though, you should be checking your flock at least once a week for signs of illness (pale comb, scaly legs, lethargic behavior, etc.), but this is much easier to do in the spring.

Prepare for eggs (and broody hens)

AT LAST! Your chickens will start to lay eggs again once the weather warms up! Watch for any egg abnormalities that may indicate a health problem, such as weird looking or no shelled eggs, weird spots on the yolk, blood, etc.

Here are a some good articles identifying common egg abnormalities and their causes:

Hatch Chicks!

Spring is a great time to hatch or buy chicks. Hens tend to brood in the spring (after they start laying eggs again) and it may be easier to introduce chicks into your flock. Also, chickens tend to be less stressed in the summer than winter because of the milder temperatures (unless you live somewhere with extreme summers, then maybe wait for fall).