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Fantastic Coops and Where to Find Them

What makes for easy chicken raising? Having a coop you and your girls love! Creating a space you love to spend time in or around will make keeping chickens so much more enjoyable (as if they do not make it enjoyable on their own). Check out these...

Chicken First Aid Kit- Why You Should Have One and What to Include

To give your chickens their best chance at survival when something goes wrong, it is a good idea to be prepared by having a fully stocked Poultry First Aid Kit.

Below you will find an alphabetical list* of things we incorporate in our first aid kits.

Spices and Herbs That Are Good for Chickens

If you raise backyard chickens, chances are you love to spoil them. We have such a fun time feeding our flock grapes and other treats, but did you know your “spoiling” of your flock can be beneficial to their health?
Adding small amounts of these herbs is a great way to boost your chickens’ overall health!

Unique Egg Stash

Unique Egg Stash

“I am not sure why the Easter Bunny is a bunny. Chickens are much better at hiding eggs.”

Christmas Tree Jungle Gym

Christmas Tree Jungle Gym

The lights have been taken down, the Christmas music has stopped playing and all that is left is your tree. What to do with your amazing-smelling Douglas fir which brought you so much joy—glistening in your living room, decorated floor to ceiling in glittering lights...

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“Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral…”

Frank Lloyd Wright left us with this wisdom that beyond the size of any project, its the quality and the charachter of it’s purpose that can turn a coop into a castle. Contact us if you have any questions about joining the movement.