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Beak Injuries in Chickens

Beak injuries are common among chickens and are generally the result of fighting with a predator or another chicken, trying to flee from a scary situation, or just a clumsy chicken doing everyday tasks.

Every so often, you may find one of your chickens has hurt their beak; you may see blood, the beak broken off completely or chipped, or discoloration indicating a bruise (like Margo’s beak in the picture above).

Caring for Chickens in the Spring

If you live in a colder climate, you may be thrilled to see spring roll around. No more trekking through snow to change water and feed your flock! BUT…warmer weather does not mean less responsibility with your flock.

Check out these five easy steps to get your spring chicken keeping off to a good start!

15 Easy DIY Garden Markers

Whether you are new to gardening or are just like me and constantly forget which leaves are parsley versus which are cilantro, adding garden labels to your plants helps to not only beautify a garden, but also helps you remember what you have planted!

To help get you started, here are 15 easy and cheap DIY garden markers you can add to your own garden!

Spices and Herbs That Are Good for Chickens

Spices and Herbs That Are Good for Chickens

If you raise backyard chickens, chances are you love to spoil them. We have such a fun time feeding our flock grapes and other treats, but did you know your “spoiling” of your flock can be beneficial to their health?
Adding small amounts of these herbs is a great way to boost your chickens’ overall health!





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