Coops and Gardens Grant

Do you want to build your own community or school chicken coop and garden?

The Coops and Gardens Grant offered by is a funds matching grant meant to help communities and schools build their own sustainable chicken coops and gardens.

Recipients of the grant will receive funds and guidance to help set up their coop/garden within the next year. Let us help you create a community/school program, tailored to your community’s needs, that you call your own!

Coops and Gardens Benefit Commnities

Promote Healthy Living

Coops and gardens in schools and communities promote healthy lifestyles and even improve mental health.

STEM Education

STEM-focused after-school programs engage children and teach critical learning skills (which meet state Academic Standards).

Community Bonds

Coops and gardens bring communities together by creating common shared experiences, and sharing the joy of building something together.   

Sustainable Living

Environmental sustainability is woven into each program, to teach and inspire young people. 

Tailor the program to your needs.

With the Coops and Gardens Grant, your school or community has the opportunity to create a STEM-based before- or after-school program, with our help. 

About the Grant

Who is eligible for the grant?

Anyone may apply for’s Coops and Gardens grant—private or public schools, preschool—grade 12, communities, churches, as long as criteria below are met.

  • Institutions
    • Public Schools
    • Public Charter Schools
    • Private schools with 501c3 non-profit status
    • Private charter schools 501c3 non-profit status (US)
    • 501c3 or charity non-profit organizations supporting a garden at a public or a non-profit private school
    • School districts supporting a garden at a public or a non-profit private school
    • Preschool-grade 12 are invited to apply
  • Church communities
  • Neighborhoods/communities (must serve at least three families)
  • Recipients of other funding are still eligible to apply to’s Coops and Gardens Grant.
Application Requirements

Applicants will be required to submit

  • Cover letter
  • References for the people in charge (must have at least two people from different households taking responsibility for the coop/garden)
  • Completed questioner
  • Completed spreadsheet wish list
  • Include funding for teachers
How much money do I receive with the grant?

The Coops and Gardens Grant is a funds matching grant. This means we will match dollar for dollar whatever you raise.

When you apply, you will submit a checklist (we provide a list!) of items you wish for your coop/garden to include. The checklist includes an option to buy the item new, or to “get creative” with an approximate cost.  After filling out the checklist, a total cost will generate. If chosen to receive the grant, you will be required to raise half the funds and we will provide the other half.

Common Questions

Don't chickens have germs?

Sure. Germs are a fact of life. Not all germs are bad though! We believe it is best to teach kids about germs-what they are and how to get rid of them. Chicken poop. Dirty socks. Food. Our Germ Science package covers it all. Knowledge is power. Instead of fearing germs, we see it as a great practical science teaching opportunity.

Should kids' parents sign a waiver?

Yes. We offer a draft form of waiver, but unfortunately we cannot make any guaranties.

Can you have chickens with other animals?

Chickens are a great addition to any family or farm. Just with any other animal, it is best to introduce a new chicken to any other animals they will be interacting with, but thankfully we have videos to help you!

Want to help?

The Coops and Gardens Grant would not be possible without donations from people like you. If you would like to contribute funds to the grant, please donate below.



If you would like to contact us regarding a physical donation, please email us at





P.O. Box 80620

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