We are accepting applications

Currently we are looking for schools, churches or local communities to test our Coops and Gardens programs. If you would like to build your own chicken coop and garden, please contact us below!

We would like to find a school or church to partner with as we build our program.

We are reaching out to new communities and partners with an offer to help establish sustainable chicken facilities to serve local communities. Pilot projects have indicated that similar programs work best when affiliated with schools, orphanages, and churches, so that there is better assurance that there is an individual or small team who will take responsibility for overseeing the chicken and garden care and maintenance. We will provide the funding to buy the materials to build a coop and security therefor, plans and demonstrations on how to build a coop and yard, and info on how to raise chickens successfully.

Along with the coop and garden, the project will include a before or after school program for children with STEM and basic life related lessons to help achieve state standards in learning.

Let us help you create a community/school program, tailored to your community’s needs, that you call your own!

Get in touch with us to learn more!

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Chickens.org is a program of Capax World, a 501-c-3 charity dedicated to sustainably alleviating malnutrition and poverty.